Grants Received

Grants Received



Griffin Spalding Airport Authority

Griffin Spalding Airport

1035 South Hill Street

Griffin, Georgia  30224

Dr. Randall L. Peters, Chairman

At Monday night’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Griffin Spalding Airport Authority, Chairman Dr. Randall Peters announced the authority had received a grant to begin the construction of the new airport in the amount of $8,899,457.26.  This grant, from the Georgia Department of Transportation, is the first allocation of funding for the new airport originating outside of Griffin and Spalding County.  It represents funding sources from both the GDOT as well as the Federal Aviation Administration, and nearly doubles the amount that has been spent on the airport to date. 

Dr. Peters stated that of this amount, $8,683,877.26 is allocated for relocation of high voltage utility lines that presently cross the area of the new airport, which will have to be moved before the airport construction can begin.

Additionally, funding from this grant will pay for updating the existing Airport Layout Plan and preliminary design of the new airport.

Peters additionally announced that, although not part of this grant, the Authority will begin right away to begin phase II property acquisition to acquire the remaining property needed for the new airport.  The process will begin by a subcontractor real estate firm which will approach property owners in the new airport area to appraise the property parcels and contact property owners to make purchase offers.  The process is anticipated to take between 12 to 18 months to complete.

The new Griffin Spalding Airport will replace the current airport which was originally built in 1939, and which is nearing the end of its useful life.  The new facility will include a 5,500 foot runway to replace the current 3,400 foot strip.  The new runway will accommodate nearly 85% of all existing business jet aircraft.  There is no plan to offer scheduled passenger service from the new airport.

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation’s annual report on general aviation facilities in Georgia for 2020, the existing Griffin airport generated over a $24,000,000 total economic impact for the area.  The new airport is expected to significantly increase this economic impact.

For more information contact the Airport Authority Project Manager Bob Stapleton, at or 770-468-8691.